Sunday, 9 November 2014

Unusual Cat Beds

I walked outside this morning to find a cat sleeping in the wheelbarrow. She looked very comfortable curled up on top of the grass clippings I'd collected in it yesterday afternoon, the wheelbarrow itself sitting in a warm pool of sunshine beside the vegetable patch. It wasn't until I'd got stuck into some weeding that I realised another cat was curled up under a box plant and, baring all her teeth as she yawned, she stretched her toes and came over to say hello.
Cats really are adaptable creatures, their ability to make a bed from almost anything the source of much fun. Every day I see photos on-line of cats sleeping in unusual places, ranging from the bathroom sink to an open drawer, empty boxes and old buckets. For their owners it certainly provides a great photo opportunity.

I have accumulated a number of cat beds over the years, ranging in shape, size and colour, but it doesn't cease to surprise me when my cats wrinkle up their noses at each of them. They look perfectly warm and cosy to me but the cats have their own ideas. They want to make a nest in the airing cupboard, squeeze into a space on the bookshelf or perhaps the laundry basket. Why sleep in a cat bed when you can have a pile of old newspapers? Or an old shoe box? Or for this little kitty...a bag of compost! 

Where do your cats like to sleep?
I'd love to hear from you!

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