Thursday, 26 February 2015

Growing Up

I currently have 3 male cats in residence here and their names are Archie, Teddy and Hercules. All being related they grew up together as kittens and I have many a photo of them playing. They are very cute little fellas who are very well behaved...when I'm around that is!
This morning I rushed into the garden to find two of them having a pop at one another, surrounded by a shower of white fluff. I know they're trying to fight it out and prove who's top cat but I don't like to hear them growl and hiss. As usual when this happens they slink off when I appear, both looking at me as they cower back as though to say 'he started it, not me!' I stand in between them feeling like a mother scolding her children or a teacher in the playground. They certainly got the girl's attention who gather round and look on, wondering what all the fuss is about.
Pretty soon everything is back to normal and the boys can even stand to eat from the same bowl, as long as I'm there to keep the peace! I look back at those photos of them as kittens and think it a shame that they no longer get on as they did back then, but I suppose boys will be boys and growing up changes us all.

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The boys as kittens playing in the garden.

Friday, 13 February 2015

A New Climbing Frame

It's that time of year again when winter's on its way out but it's still a bit cold and just when you thought you had enough firewood to last, you find yourself ordering some more! The cats were pretty chuffed with the delivery and have been using the wood pile as a new climbing frame/ scratching post/ adventure playground. It seems we all get a little something out of it! I had to take a short break from my writing to post a few pictures. 

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Winter Warmers

It has been a cold start to the month although I have been fortunate enough to escape the snow here. Snuggled next to the crackling fire in the kitchen I feel almost like hibernating as the wind blows outside, even finding its way in through the draughts. My hands curled around a mug of tea I recall the heat of the summer and smile to myself as I remember sheltering from the soaring temperatures in this very same room. But refusing to let the winter win I head out each day, wrapped up in so many layers I've lost count, and wander the countryside with Dolly, the neighbour's dog, at my side. Even the cat's brave the chilly weather to stretch their legs before scampering back indoors for a nap beside the fire.
During these winter days it has been a pleasure to read the emails sent in by readers letting me know what they thought of The True Story of a Not So Crazy Cat Lady. I appreciate every single one! It's great to know that so many of you are enjoying it and just as lovely to hear you ask about 'the next book'. Well I'm never far away from my laptop and with so many ideas swimming around my head, I'm always working on a story. So for those of you eager to know what's coming next, be sure to stay tuned!
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Teddy alongside the book he inspired- The True Story of a Not So Crazy Cat Lady