Monday, 24 November 2014

Breakfast Photo Shoot

Don't you just love the way your cat says hello to you in the morning? My cat Teddy practically head butts me in his attempt to get as close as possible when I pick him up and he dances in my arms, rubbing his nose against my nose, my shoulder, in my hair, until I'm grinning from ear to ear. It's a great way to start the day! He is also one of those cats that likes to wander and it is not unusual for him to disappear for a day or two and when he does return he is more excitable than ever, as though he's been on holiday and is so pleased to be back home.
This morning however I was met with a number of very confused faces when I failed to fill their food bowls.  The truth was we were out of cat biscuits and they were at the top of my shopping list, I just hadn't been to the shop! The cats followed me round, wondering what was going on. Does she realise she's forgotten to feed us, I could almost hear them whisper. We're not seriously expecetd to go and catch a mouse are we? They were steadily gathering as they smelt something fishy going on (or rather smelt nothing at all!)
I dashed to the shop and grabbed a couple of bags but whilst I was there picked up something for myself too; a new telephoto lens from my DSLR! I had fun this afternoon testing it out, taking lots of photos of my cats, who have, I'm pleased to say, now got full tummies!

Meet Roux!

 Maybe I'll climb this tree...

 Maybe not.


 Feeling shy.

Is that a bird?

See you again soon!

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