Saturday, 8 November 2014

Cats and their Nicknames

Have you ever walked into the room and found your cat looking very guilty? You look around, wondering what they were up to just before you opened the door and then you see it- the cake you just spent ages baking has got small cat teeth shaped nibbles out of it! For one moment you want to scream but then you look down at the cat at your feet and realise you can't get angry with something so cute. So instead of telling them off you call them a trouble maker, or a rascal, as the frown disappears from your face.
We have so many nicknames for our cats, ranging from the obvious to the ridiculous; Darling, Sweetie, Titch, Tinker, Flower, Cutie, Poppit, Mr Fluffy, Handsome, Princess, Fella', Little'un, the list could go on and on. I sometimes wonder how cats have managed to wrap us humans around their little fingers...or paws. How many of us let our cats win in every situation? If the cat's on your chair do you turf them off? I doubt it. What if they want your breakfast? Yep, they get it! And if you want to get up but they're very happy sitting on your lap?...
Is it those big eyes that win us over? Their little noses? That contented purr or sweet meow? I swear I never used to be such a pushover but when it comes to cats they know they can always win. So even though I've been sitting here too long and I want to stretch my legs, Roux's looking pretty comfy so I'll probably just stay put! The Little Tinker!

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