Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Horse Rally

My muscles are still complaining today following a very exciting and exhausting day on Sunday in which I took part in a horse riding rally. One of approximately thirty riders of all ages, we took on the challenge of a 30 kilometer ride through the green French countryside, navigating a wide range of terrain and speeds. I was on a horse called Jazz who belongs to the riding school I have attended for almost two years and although she can be a little stroppy at times, on Sunday she was mainly well behaved. I particularly loved galloping around the lakes and through the almost tunnel like paths we took through the trees. If you ride yourself you will know what a thrill it is when your horse picks up the speed and carries you like the wind, if you've never done it then I certainly recommend giving it a go. I will be back on a horse again before long, perhaps jumping which is my favourite exercise, but until then my muscles would just like a couple of days off.

Say hello Jazz.

Some of the horses tethered up as everyone has a short break.

Friday, 15 May 2015

A Sad Day

Today's post is a very difficult one to write and so I will have to keep it brief. Sadly Dolly never recovered from her illness and she passed away Wednesday on a warm evening beneath a beautiful red sunset. The world feels emptier now she has gone and I only hope that with time it will become easier for all who miss her. She certainly won't be forgotten.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Loyal Friend

It has been a very long, hard and emotional week, and I imagine many of you out there who share your lives with pets know exactly how I have been feeling.
Last weekend my dog, Dolly, fell ill and for 24 hours I thought my loyal friend was going to pass away. I have lost cats before and it breaks when heart when I remember them and those final moments we shared, and so I stroked Dolly's head thinking that this was it, she was ready to go her own way, somewhere I couldn't follow, but I am relived to say that she has been so strong and pulled through.
She's had me in tears so often over this last week I'm surprised I haven't run out of them, but she's curled up in her bed now as though nothing had ever happened. Finally I will be able to sleep soundly again with the knowledge that she's okay and I hope one day soon we will be walking together across the fields once more.

Friday, 1 May 2015

A Cute Surprise

Well this week I have been treated to a very rare surprise. Late one afternoon I was delighted to find that a baby owl was taking a nap in a tree in my back garden! I got out my camera and almost filled the SD card with photos. It was so fantastic to see such a shy creature in daylight and at close range and he looked so comfy just perched on that branch. He stayed there until nightfall when his mummy and daddy came to fetch him. He looks so fluffy!

I'm also so thrilled at the moment to see The True Story of a Not So Crazy Cat Lady at the NUMBER 8 SPOT on the cat care bestsellers chart for kindle books on amazon.co.uk
Thank you everyone, you've made my day!