Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cats v Dogs

If you're reading this the chances are you like cats and probably have at least one of your own at home, perhaps sitting on your knee right now, but what do you make of the other four legged friends, man's best friend? Dogs? I don't have one myself but my elderly neighbour has and unable to take care of it herself I step in to help feed and walk the dog each day. Her name's Dolly and she's a Breton Spaniel. She's a good girl on the whole but this afternoon she made another Great Escape from her enclosure in the garden. That's perhaps the third hole she's now made and I'm beginning to tire of fixing them back up. Squeezing under the gate like Peter Rabbit from Mr McGregor's garden, she then races round to my house ready for play time. Dog's are very different like that compared to cats. Sure the kitties like to play and hang out with you but a dog is in constant demand of your attention. The limitless energy Dolly has tires me out!
My cats are my allies, my best buddies, and like me they're pretty chilled out. There's no fetching sticks, running through wet grass and jumping in puddles. They're sophisticated, relaxed, undemanding, tidy. I look across at Archie, my cat, and he's asleep or lounging in the sunshine, content. I look at Dolly and she's looking back - ready for yet another walk. So as the sun fell beyond the horizon I put Dolly back to bed and I just hope that she doesn't squeeze out of a new hole before I've caught my breath!

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