Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Horse Rally

My muscles are still complaining today following a very exciting and exhausting day on Sunday in which I took part in a horse riding rally. One of approximately thirty riders of all ages, we took on the challenge of a 30 kilometer ride through the green French countryside, navigating a wide range of terrain and speeds. I was on a horse called Jazz who belongs to the riding school I have attended for almost two years and although she can be a little stroppy at times, on Sunday she was mainly well behaved. I particularly loved galloping around the lakes and through the almost tunnel like paths we took through the trees. If you ride yourself you will know what a thrill it is when your horse picks up the speed and carries you like the wind, if you've never done it then I certainly recommend giving it a go. I will be back on a horse again before long, perhaps jumping which is my favourite exercise, but until then my muscles would just like a couple of days off.

Say hello Jazz.

Some of the horses tethered up as everyone has a short break.

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