Monday, 29 June 2015

A Very French Cat

I don't know what your cats make of cheese, but my cats love it...well most of the time.

I was having a sandwich yesterday when Teddy appeared out of the long grass beyond the garden. He yawned and stretched his legs as though he'd been asleep all morning but considering how hot it was no one could blame him. Seeing me he wandered over, sniffing the air, trying to detect what was on the menu. I know he's a fan of cheese and so breaking a bit off, I offered it to him, but to my great surprise he turned up his nose. He begrudgingly sniffed it a second time as I tried to encourage him, but still he looked up at me as though to say, is that all you've got? I'd prefer something a little more mature.
I had no idea Teddy was such a cheese connoisseur but when I offered him a small chunk of the other cheese on the table, his frown disappeared. Within seconds it was gone and he looked back up wondering if I had anymore. I know we're in France and everything but I had no idea that even the cats here were picky about their cheeses! Just in case I'd forgotten he was there, Teddy reached up and prodded me with his paw. More please, he meowed and naturally I obliged.


  1. Tommy here is the official cheese head - though he doesn't appear to be very picky :)