Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cuteness Overload!

What better time could there be to visit a garden center than at the outset of spring? Seedlings are shooting out of the earth, plants boast full new buds, and some already look radiant in full bloom. And then of course, there are the animals and birds.
Archie the cat
I visited a garden center this afternoon and despite all of the things clamoring for my attention, what made me stop in my tracks were the baby chicks...and the baby ducks...and the little dwarf rabbits. In fact there was just so much cuteness surrounding me I couldn't decide what I loved the most! Standing there, I found myself deciding which ones I'd have if I irrationally took them home now and turned my garden into a farmyard. For the ducklings I'd have the three that were asleep in the corner, as for the chicks I'd go for three fluffy yellow ones. Then there were the rabbits. Now that's a tough decision. There were two sitting together, one almost on top of the other really, and they were both so fluffy. One was white with speckles of light brown and the other was a rabbity version of my cat Archie. The resemblance was uncanny! If he had a cousin in the bunny rabbit world then for certain this was he.
Yes I'd have loved to take them all home, I suppose it's a good job there weren't any kittens else I may not have been able to stop myself!

Catherine Walker is the author of The True Story of a Not So Crazy Cat lady available now in paperback and eBook.

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