Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cats and Christmas Lights!

Are you all ready for Christmas? Is the tree set up and decorated?  Does your cat have their own stocking hanging up next to the fireplace? I'm not quite there yet but I have seen some very impressive Christmas lights. Have you ever been to Bordeaux in France? Imagine Paris but a little smaller, with the same old stone buildings and wonderful architecture. Every little street is effortlessly chic. Picture decorative ironwork balconies, little cafés on street corners and galloping horses at the centre of water fountains.
At this time of year the city is just magical. As the sun falls beyond the horizon the Christmas lights go on and I have to say I have never seen such a beautiful city. The lights dance and sparkle against the dark sky and at the end of a wide street, set against a backdrop of the cathedral, is a tree shimmering with a thousand lights. Christmas in Bordeaux isn't just elegant and stylish, it's got a magic touch, and I only hope you get to see it for yourself.
Tomorrow I will put up my own Christmas tree, hang on the lights and baubles, and wonder which cat will be unable to resist pinging a decoration from the lower branches first!

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