Saturday, 7 June 2014

ABNA 2014

If a dog is a man's best friend, then a woman's best friend is her cat...or cats.

On a cold wet day not long after twenty-eight year old Harriet falls in one fell swoop from happy wife to broken hearted divorcée, she finds a litter of abandoned kittens. Relating to their vulnerability as she peers into the soggy cardboard box, she decides to take them in and soon finds out that the perfect antidote for a broken heart is falling in love all over again.

But not everyone understands the relationship which builds between Harriet and her five cats. It isn't until her birthday that she realises she has earned the official title of Crazy Cat Lady of the family but it is not just their teasing which she finds irksome. It seems life won’t cease to conspire against her; that is until she meets Dan, a talented photographer, whose past is as chequered as her own. Despite the scars they both bear, they dare to fall in love again, blissfully unaware of the loss and regret that lies ahead which will threaten to bring the world they have created, crashing down.

Almost everyone has a pet either at home or locked within the most tender memories of their past and we all know, whether we like to admit it aloud or not, that animals have the capacity to touch our hearts. A fresh angle on an eternally popular subject matter, The True Story of a Not So Crazy Cat Lady brings the cute and cuddly into contemporary women's fiction, and looks at the love triangle between boy, girl and cat. We have all fallen in love and had our hearts broken, never forgetting the four legged friends who stood beside us through it all.

The first chapter of The True Story of a Not So Crazy Cat Lady, is available to download for free on Amazon.

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